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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Next Project '30-7-11

Next Project '30 July 2011
Hino Jetbus Indonesia

The next project from "Quaza Sun SAIM"
These mods are categorized into "Buses Mods", the new buses are present in the Indonesia
Quaza Sun has made these mods to SA nuanced in the Indonesia ..

These mods are still in improvements in the Qs Garage,,
Livery / Skin, remains in the search is appropriate livery for these mods ..
Jetbus from Hino, who has recently come out in the Indonesia .. now ready oprasi in the SA

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Closed The Project

Quaza Sun SAIM

would close this project, "Rice in Indonesia-Mods Map"
we apologize for the policies from the our

Because we are do not familiar with the Maps in GTA SA, and we are do not know where that is suitable for the Map,, thank you and we apologize for the deficiencies in Quaza Sun SAIM

Thank you for participating in the Group, and are willing to download mods from we are